dan Daniel M. Webster

Design Philosophy: Like a conductor, a designer orchestrates all of the elements to create a harmonious interior.
Their most valuable tools are observing and listening

Favorite Quote: “Every home should be a sanctuary: entering it you should immediately feel physically and
emotionally protected.”….John Saladino
Gloria Gloria Schilling

Design Philosophy: Comfort and functionality are the most important elements of good design.

Favorite Quote: “Before designing any room, it is important to consider its purpose: how the space will be used
and what role it plays in the life of the house.”….Nancy Corzine
Louise Louise Christoffers

Design Philosophy: Listening to and understanding the client’s wishes is key. Staying focused while being flexible
is also important and involving the client is essential.

Favorite Quote: “I like all rooms to look as if they are really lived in; but above all, I believe that every room
should reflect the personality and taste of the owner.” ...David Hicks
Renae Renae Purchase

Design Philosophy: I enjoy helping clients find a statement piece they love. It is a great way for me to help them
express themselves and achieve satisfaction in their home environment. Combining luxury with comfort creates
a timeless style.

Favorite Quote: “It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sport shoes
with an evening dress.” ...Dorothy